Industrial, Oil & Gas

Professional industrial, oil and gas photographer

I love all aspects of industrial photography, whether it is in some remote part of Africa or in an industrial inner city zone.  I find the work exciting and challenging, transforming huge worksites into beautiful graphic photographs, sometimes re-lighting an entire factory or using the existing light to produce the best possible images. I enjoy talking and photographing the workers and people that bring it to life.  I always try to bring an extra dimension to my photos, sometimes I find a setting I love and will either wait, or find out when people will be working there in order to make it come alive.

I began working in Oil and Gas Photography in 2002 when I landed my first offshore oil rig assignment and got totally hooked! I find all the pipes and casings, cranes and levels, and the oceans and deserts in which they are found absolutely spectacular.  Based in France, I often work in Africa,  both onshore and  offshore oil rigs or for companies with factories and manufacturing plants.  I have a current BOSIET/HUET certificate.

Over the years I have worked for many international corporations such as Air Liquide, Alcatel Lucent, BASF, BBDO, Cofiroute, France Telecom, Kosmos Energy,, Thomson, Total, Tullow Oil, UNHC, Vivendi and many more.