Landscapes and Seascapes from across the world.

Each year I visit some 6-10 countries and countless places for both corporations, magazines and whilst teaching photography workshops, and taking photography tours, some of which I’ve been to many times before.  I often work in Africa in countries such as Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique to name a few and see sights that are just unbelievable.  In order to takes beautiful photographs of  landscapes both time and patience are very important.

Sometimes the natural beauty of a place just leaps out at me and it is just an instant. I have been lucky enough to discover land and seascapes that have literally blown my mind. Other times, I drive or fly around looking for the perfect spot and visit in both morning and evening to see which is best.   The light and the right time of the day can make a tremendous difference and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.