Lifestyle Photography

As a professional corporate photographer, lifestyle images are used for advertising products.  We use lifestyle photographs in every aspect of photography.  To sell a produce, tell a story and bring the human side to many different core businesses.  As I started out as a news photographer living in the Middle East and travelling to all parts of the world I would take photographs of every aspect of local peoples life.  With corporations investing more and more into corporate social responsibility and environmental projects I photograph all sorts of different lifestyle projects which I absolutely love doing.  In advertising we use models carefully groomed to enact an everyday situation that will help sell the product as we can either aspire or relate to it.  As I teach photography in my workshops and tours we often photograph local people going about their life and try to capture a moment that is strong and emotional or tells a specific story.

Lifestyle goes a step further for me, it is the food we eat, the life we lead and the things we see.