Travel Photography

Travel photography encompasses all that I do.  I travel extensively for work, photographing places in countries that I never dreamt I would ever see.  As a corporate and industrial photographer, the larger corporations I work for set up Corporate Social Resonsibility programmes which I have the good fortune to visit and photograph.  This sometimes entails hours by 4 wheel drive to remote areas of a country sometimes rather neglected by its government.  I photograph the roads, schools,  clinics , water, transport and houses that they finance. So with industries and corporations implanted in so many countries every assignment overseas is a travel one.

I started travelling as a small child with my parents and have never been able to imagine a life without it.  Photographically what a subject!  It incorporates lifestyle, sea and landscapes, faces, food, architecture and life itself.  I find it utterly fascinating visiting remote areas where few foreigners ever go, such as watching groups of Turkana women in Kenya crossing the desert to find water, or seeing a beautiful African woman carrying her vegetables on her head, or visiting remote tribal villages in the jungles of the world.  To me it is a privilege to witness their lives and photograph or film it.

I offer photography workshops and tours in different countries and places that I particularly know and like in order to share the knowledge and the magic that I have discovered.  There are Photography tours/workshops to Sri Lanka and Myanmar, 2 countries that I am particulary fond of.